Bakersfield Adventist Academy

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Sierra Summit Ski Day

The three hour trip was quickly forgotten as the vans rounded the corner to see bright sunshine, blue Sierra sky, and best of all the newly groomed snow on Sierra Summit.Ski Resort. About two-thirds of the student body took to the slopes for a day of skiing and riding February 3. For some it was the first time on skis or snowboard. The Sierra Summit school program provided rental, lift ticket, and ski or snowboard lessons for $25. It was a great way to start or brush up little used skills. 

Some report being a little sore the next day from using muscles they didn't know they had or from those unexpected falls. All in all it was a awesome day of non-stop fun and adventure and no injuries. Best of all it was a great time with friends.

Special thanks to he A.S.B. officers and sponsors. We are especially thankful to the many volunteers who provided transportation and drove for the trip. We're already looking forward to next year's ski trip.