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Safe Escape Progarm Empowers Children
Those who attended the February 9 Safe Escape Program presented by the Bakersfield Police Department Crime Prevention Unit are so much more prepared should they encounter a stranger--especially if that stranger means harm. The PowerPoint presentation gave many examples of what to do in different scenarios when a stranger tries to engage a child in conversation, tries to entice them to "help", and tries to abduct them. One very important thing the children and parents heard over and over again is that adults should not be asking children for help. Adults should be asking adults for help. So if a stranger approaches a child and asks them for directions, asks them to help find a lost puppy, tries to give them candy or money, or promises money if they "help", the informed child will know to do whatever they can to avoid and get away from the stranger.

The presentation was great education that ultimately empowers children to respond quickly and effectively should they encounter someone who plans to harm them. Ask any who attended. They will tell you that everyone could have benefited a great deal from the presentation had they attended. 

Special thanks to Monica Valdez and the Home and School for arranging and sponsoring this important presentation.