Bakersfield Adventist Academy

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School Uniforms
BAA’s uniform dress program reflects the school’s commitment to excellence and modesty. All shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and sweatshirts must have the appropriate school logo. Pants and shorts must be school uniform style. A navy blue polo shirt with school logo will be provided at no charge for all new students.
Uniforms with B.A.A.’s logo and exclusive dress code may be ordered any time through French Toast, the primary source for B.A.A. school unifo
rms. Call 1.800.FrenchToast (1.800.373.6248) or use the French Toast website at Enter the code QS46V9M to access the BAA dress code options. All shirts, sweatshirts, or white oxford shirts purchased elsewhere must be brought to the school office for embroidery of the school logo by Master Graphics. The cost of embroidery is $4.00 per item. Wal-Mart has quality, reasonably priced shirts for purchase on their school uniform website. Shirts and sweatshirts with the school logo may be also be ordered in the school office. All orders must be prepaid.
Short or long sleeve polo shirts or oxford button down shirt must be worn under all coats, outerwear, or jackets. Polo shirts must be navy blue, yellow, or white. Optional oxford button down shirts must be white.
Pants and Shorts
School uniform flat front or pleated pants or walking style shorts may be purchased online from uniform sites or local clothing stores. Colors must be khaki or navy blue. Cargo style pants or cargo shorts, draw strings, and torn or frayed clothing are not permissible.
Shoes must be worn at all times and should be appropriate for the students’ activities. Closed toe shoes are required for students in K-6. Shoes or sandals for grades 7-12 must have a strap on the back. Athletic shoes are required for P.E for grades 7-12. Shoes that have recessed wheels are not allowed on campus. Flip-flops are not permitted.
Sweatshirts may be purchased through the school only. A.S.B., club, and class sweatshirts may be worn any time. 
Optional Uniform for Boys and Girls
  • White oxford button down shirt with school logo.
  • Sweaters or cardigans may be ordered through French Toast with monogramed school logo in any of the polo shirt colors.
  • During extreme cold, winter coats may be worn over school issued shirts and removed in the classroom.
Optional Uniform for Girls       
Uniform style khaki or navy blue skirts, jumpers, and skorts may be ordered from French Toast, Wal-Mart or other clothing stores.
  • Skorts for grades K-4.
  • Jumpers for grades 5-8.
  • Flat front or pleated skirts for grades 5-12.